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Yumemiru Otokonoko

Other Name: 夢見るオトコノコ ; The Boys of Dreaming ; Yume Miru Otokonoko

Plot Summary: 1-2) The Boys of DreamingYasaka Takanori is secretly in love with his classmate, Akikawa Seiji, for five years already and yet he dare not confess to him. His roommate, Tomori Mioki, in turn likes Takanori. Takanori is in shocked after seeing Akikawa messing around with the chemistry sensei. At the same time, Mioki confesses to him. What should he do now? Will he accept Mioki or confess to Akikawa?3) A Holy Knight Gets OffBeautiful school director Shiraizumi Touka is someone to be admired and treasured from afar, at least thats what student Tokura has always thought. Then suddenly sleazy Sasamori-sensei who always plays around announces his intentions toward the director. Can Tokura stand back and watch his beloved idol be taken by another, or snatch happiness for himself?4) The Servant of the Starry SkiesScholarship student Hanamura Ousuke has always worked harder than everyone else to be the best; so why does school presidents son Tatemiya Soushi beat him so easily? Now

Author: Chitose Piyoko
Artist: Chitose Piyoko
Date of release: 2014

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