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Wild Darling

Other Name: ワイルドダーリン

Plot Summary: Sequel to Megane Goshi no Sora wa... Picks up where Megane Goshi no Sora wa... leaves off, now conveying Sugisakis story.“Ah~ I want to fall in love!” wishes the handsome Sugisaki Mitsuru, who dreams of sleeping with the one he loves. And as fate would have it, Sorachi Ryuuji, a rather cute and very athletic senior, happens to materialize in answer to his prayer. The only problem is, Ryuuji is a late-bloomer and rather slow on realizing Mitsuru’s feelings for him, thus starts the angst story of pure love…Side story: Abunai Kurai AishiteruKawashima Makoto knew being in love with his student would only lead to trouble, so he hid his feelings. But when Kaname confessed to him, he couldnt hold back. Now Kanames failing grades make Makoto decide to cut back on their relationship, but rebellious Kaname doesnt take orders very well...

Author: Tennouji Mio
Artist: Tennouji Mio
Date of release: 2014

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