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Vampire Girl

Other Name: おまえが世界をこわしたいなら ; 吸血少女 ; If You Wanna Break Out This World ; If You Wanna Break This World ; If You Want to Destroy the World ; si tu quieres destruir este mundo (español latino) ; Omae ga Sekai o Kowashitai Nara

Plot Summary: From Storm in Heaven:Koizumi Kanna is infatuated with the man who came to the restaurant she works at and ordered a burger with no onions. Little does she know, Toujou Ren is interested in her as well, but for a different reason. Kanna just so happens to be the mirror image of a woman he knew a very long time ago. It is for that reason that he saves her when she nearly dies in a car accident. But the life he gives Kanna is far different from the one she lived before, and shes not certain its the kind she wants...

Author: Fujiwara Kaoru
Artist: Fujiwara Kaoru
Date of release: 2014

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