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Trinity Seven: Levi Ninden

Other Name: トリニティセブンレヴィ忍伝; Trinity Seven Levi Story;

Plot Summary: The Biblia Academy's Headmaster has asked to a Trinity Seven Kazama Levi, looking for the mythic weapon "Murasame", the legendary demonic sword. Along with Charm (Big Boobs), a kouhai mage that admires to Levi, she will infiltrate to a town where is said "Murasame" is sealed, however a Breakdown Phenomenon occurs----- Aiming to that treasure Lugh appears, who is the same "Envy" mage, also going to war, the leader of the Ninja Army's Five Shadow Magic Elements, Kashin Ryuhime, the story of a ninja having a heroic battleッス!!

Author: SAITOU Kenji , HANAO Sutarou
Artist: SAITOU Kenji , HANAO Sutarou
Date of release: 2016

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Trinity Seven: Levi Ninden Chapter Lists

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