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Tiger and Bunny (KATSURA Masakazu)

Plot Summary: "Its a day in the life of NEXT, people with special abilities, and Sternbild Citys heroes. They save lives, they solve cases, and theyre on Hero TV!Among the heroes is an unlikely combination of the veteran Kotetsu Kaburagi, aka Wild Tiger, and hotshot rookie, Barnaby J. Brooks. Apart from having the same ability, they seem to have nothing in common. Will this highly anticipated combination work at all?Furthermore, in an attempt to make Hero TV even more popular, the heroes are tasked to master their entry poses. Read on as NEXT balances their everyday superhero duties with being TV personalities."

Author: Nishida Masafumi , KATSURA Masakazu ,
Artist: Nishida Masafumi , KATSURA Masakazu ,
Date of release: 2014

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Tiger and Bunny (KATSURA Masakazu) Chapter Lists

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