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Other Name: たからもの; 理所當然的愛; Treasure (YAMAKAMI Riyu)

Plot Summary: Naoyuki, a sincere, very honest and direct country boy comes to Tokyo for high school and stays with his city cousins family. At first everybody takes advantage of him thinking that hes too naive to catch on things, including his cousin, Satoshi whos in college and demands that in exchange for tutoring him, Naoyuki have sex with him... Then Satoshi finds out that Naoyuki isnt as gullible as he looks and starts falling in love with his pure-heartedness.Note: Scans of this is missing Story 2 from volume 03 titled With You, Just Like This. Its also missing second Side Story from v04 titled Yakusoku (Promise)

Author: Yamakami Riyu ,
Artist: Yamakami Riyu ,
Genre: Yaoi
Date of release: 2014

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