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Senpai! Ima Kara Kokurimasu!

Other Name: Choose me, senpai!; Senpai! Ima Kara Tsugerimasu!;

Plot Summary: Once Koharu's favourite actress told her that a good woman never gets dumped. Ever since then, Koharu has lived a life where she has neither failed a confession nor she got dumped.Prideful Koharu decides to take up a challenge and confesses to Kanzaki-senpai, 'the smiling guillotine' only to be turned down even before she gets to complete her sentence. This cannot and shall not be accepted! Koharu refuses to back down and decides to keep on confessing until she gets an OK from Kanzaki-senpai

Author: SHINMOTO Shin
Artist: SHINMOTO Shin
Date of release: 2017

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Senpai! Ima Kara Kokurimasu! Chapter Lists

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