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Replicant no Kiss

Plot Summary: Yokami Futsu, or Fu-chan as he is commonly known, was brought up by his grandfather after his father died. But now his grandfather had also died – leaving behind a large amount of debt. At the funeral, his grandfather’s cousin (who looks uncannily like grandpa himself!) suddenly appears and declares that he wants to take care of him. Together, they start living in a dilapidated, run down house and Fu-chan is forbidden from entering some of the other parts of the house. One night, he encounters a mysterious handsome man at the house and instantly gets the feeling that he had seen him before – even though the man outright denies it himself when asked. Add into that his cousin’s odd and ridiculous behaviour that strongly reminds Fu of his carefree grandfather, and the wild rumours flying around, Fu becomes very suspicious. Also what are all those dreams that he had having for long time now, dreams that seem like it had really happened to him rather than just some outright, random dreams…?

Author: Fujii Sakuya ,
Artist: Fujii Sakuya ,
Date of release: 2014

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