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Playboy no Hatsukoi

Other Name: プレイボーイの初恋 , The Millionaire and The Pregnant Pauper

Plot Summary: When the clock struck twelve, instead of partying hard, wealthy playboy Michael Wentworth was making soft, gooey eyes at a beautiful strangers newborn. Worse, everyone seemed to think he was the proud papa of Beth Mastersons bouncing baby boy. Heck, hed only just met the woman when shed come to his door with information on the missing Wentworth heir!Well... To gain his inheritance Michael did need a temporary wife, and the struggling, unwed mom sure could use a man to set up house with -- and maybe even a happily ever after. But was marriage-resistant Michael ready to be that man?

Author: Christie Ridgway , OKADA Junko ,
Artist: Christie Ridgway , OKADA Junko ,
Genre: Josei
Date of release: 2014

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