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Perfect Girl Evolution

Other Name: ヤマトナデシコ七変化; 完美小姐进化论; หนุ่มหล่อเฟี้ยว แปลงโฉมสาว; 엽기인걸 스나코; Cô gái hoàn mỹ; My Fair Lady; Perfect Girl Evolution; The Wallflower; Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge; Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge

Plot Summary: Its a gorgeous, spacious mansion, and four handsome, fifteen-year-old friends are allowed to live in it for free! Theres only one condition - that within three years the guys must transform the owners wallflower niece into a lady befitting the palace in which they all live! How hard can it be? Enter Sunako Nakahara, the agoraphobic, horror-movie-loving, pockmark-faced, frizzy-haired, fashion-illiterate recluse who tends to break into explosive nosebleeds whenever she sees anyone attractive. This project is going to take more than our four heroes ever expected: it needs a miracle!

Author: Hayakawa Tomoko ,
Artist: Hayakawa Tomoko ,
Date of release: 2014

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