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Nina Jalhae

Other Name: 니나잘해; Good Luck, Nina!

Plot Summary: Choi "Rotten Tooth" Choong Chi just wants to be left alone so that he can study like his mommy told him too. His life-long ambition is to be ranked first academically in school. Unfortunately for him, hes also a brilliant fighter, coveted (or targeted) by every gang that crosses his path. After transferring to the prestigious Yong Yong High School from the delinquent-ridden 88 Academy, Rotten Tooth also makes a new discovery: girls, and to top it all off, the prettiest and smartest girl in the school, Yeon Doo. Too bad his main rival Jang Bogo is also after the same girl. Can our hero get the girl? Can he even survive high school with his life and limbs intact?

Author: JO Oon Hak ,
Artist: JO Oon Hak ,
Date of release: 2014

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