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Missing Rebirth

Other Name: None

Plot Summary: Billion Years ago, There is a one huge comet that landed on the earth that causes abnormal phenomenon. And because of that Aliens, Time travelers, Espers, Vampires, and demons began to exist. W.U.O=World Unified Organization are the one who handled the "project eve". they experimented the comet and turned it into a human. This world consists of 5 dimensions, the 5th is the world in which humans live and some weird creatures called OUTLAWS, and the rest are still unknown. The people came to know that the earth isn't normal. Despite the world isn't stable and abnormal. Humans live peacefully on it, and our typical protagonist named Xavier an average person. but everything's changed when he encountered a mysterious girl. Who is this girl, and what will their meeting bring? Follow the story of our characters as their bond starting to formed.

Author: Lawniellerimm
Artist: Lawniellerimm
Date of release: 2015

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