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Majo wa Nido Aegu

Other Name: 魔女は二度喘ぐ; 魔女的禁忌恋歌; The Witch Gasps Twice

Plot Summary: Nene, whose mother is known as a legendary hostess, is also working as a hostess. Meanwhile, a guy, who has his father’s charisma, made it as a newcomer actor. When they meet, love starts.Nene has been a hostess for 3 years in Ginza, and she tries to struggle for her to be called the legendary hostess like her deceased mother. One day, a man suddenly called her. Even though its their first meeting, Nene starts feeling deja vu. Since then, the two of them have to tamper with a cruel play. Is fated love about to begin?!

Author: Kitagawa Miyuki ,
Artist: Kitagawa Miyuki ,
Genre: Josei Smut
Date of release: 2014

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Majo wa Nido Aegu Chapter Lists

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