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Macross 7 Trash

Other Name: マクロス7TRASH; マクロス7トラッシュ

Plot Summary: In the year 2045 A.D. the 37th Long Range Emigration Fleet - MACROSS 7 - proceeds on its mission to the center of the milky way. The headquarters of the Fleet are located on the 7th battleship MACROSS class . Along the way the Fleet encounters of the Barauta. And then in the following year, 2046 A.D. In a sector of the combat zone the story begins..Note: This series is very different from the rest of the Macross series. Its plot is not focused on space combat; in fact mechas dont appear in the story at all. Instead the story revolves around a sport called "air blading" (its pretty similar to the Airgear manga), using the Macross universe as a context.

Author: Mikimoto Haruhiko ,
Artist: Mikimoto Haruhiko ,
Date of release: 2014

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Macross 7 Trash Chapter Lists

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