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Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki

Other Name: 腐った教師の方程式 ; 酷哥老师方程式 ; Bad Teachers Equation ; Equation of a Degenerate Teacher ; Kiss me, Teacher ; Kusatta ; Lequazione del professore ; Rotten Teachers Equation

Plot Summary: A boy changes schools to be near his childhood crush. Mistaken identities and numerous love triangles ensue.Atsushi Arisawa enrolls at Jougaouka High School to be near Masami Shibata (Ma-chan) who was his childhood crush. Unbeknownst to Atsushi, however, Masami no longer works at the school and his brother, Masayoshi is now the nurse. Atsushi mistakes Masayoshi for Masami and is horrified because to him, it appears that Masamis personality has done a complete 180. Add to the fact that Atsushis friend, Kouji Inagaki is totally in love and constantly trying to make-out with him, Atsushis life at Jougaoka is hell until he starts thinking that maybe the new Ma-chan isnt so bad after all and that, maybe he actually likes the way Ma-chan is now. Until of course, he finds out that Masayoshi isnt Masami.

Author: Kodaka Kazuma
Artist: Kodaka Kazuma
Date of release: 2014

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Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki Chapter Lists

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