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Kuro X Koi

Other Name: 黑×戀; 黑X恋; 黒×恋; Kuro x Koi; Kurokoi; KuroxKoi;

Plot Summary: 1) Kuro x Koi (2 chapters)Ao works at a kindergarten where he has a crush on one of the parents, Haizaki-san. Ao's twin brother, Midori, shows up at his place one day, announcing he's got a new boyfriend. However, knowing Midori?s track record, Ao is worried. After an argument, Midori tells Ao to see for himself and impersonate him on their next date. To Ao?s surprise, he winds up on a date... with his crush!!!2) Shiro x Koi (2 chapters)Continues with Ao's younger twin brother, Midori, and Haizaki Kurose's older brother, Shirose.3) Aka x KoiInvolves Kurose's son, Aki, and his childhood friend, Akane. Set 8 years later.4) Ki x KoiExtra to Aka x Koi.5) Extras -

Author: TAKAGI Ryou
Artist: TAKAGI Ryou
Date of release: 2017

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