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Kuro Hakushaku wa Hoshi o Mederu

Other Name: 黑伯爵所宠爱之星; 黒伯爵は星を愛でる; Kuro Hakushaku wa Hoshi wo Mederu; Kurohakushaku wa Hoshi o Mederu; Kurohakushaku wa Hoshi wo Mederu; The Black Count Loves the Star

Plot Summary: Esther Mayfield is a normal sixteen year old girl in 19th Century London. Except, ever since she was a little girl, she could see ghosts. She lives in a small part of town and sells flowers to earn a living. She thought that she would continue to live like this forever. Until, one day, a handsome young Count appears in front of her. And he wants Esther to be his bride? Is he really the Prince Charming she has been waiting for?

Author: OTO Hisamu
Artist: OTO Hisamu
Date of release: 2014

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