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Koko Ni Aru, Kimi No Oto

Other Name: ここにある、君のおと; Here it is, Your Sound;

Plot Summary: Scriptwriter Akaneya is feeling troubled. He's not sure how to develop a love relationship in a romantic drama. So he heads to a hot spring for inspiration and there he meets the blind masseuse Takehisa. Though he's disabled, he is still cheery and adorable. Add an abandoned dog, Yuuzou into the story and will love blossom!? The courage required to speak out and convey an emotion that "cannot be seen by the naked eye" can be felt in this heartwarming BL story.

Author: Moto Haruhira , Moto Haruko
Artist: Moto Haruhira , Moto Haruko
Date of release: 2016

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