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Kikai Shikake no Meldina

Other Name: Механическaя Мэрдинa; きかメル; 機械仕掛けのメルディーナ; Mechanical Meldina; Mechanical Merdina

Plot Summary: Meldina hates humans, and wants nothing to do with them. Since her parents deaths, she has desired to live surrounded by machines, and everyone in town thinks shes a weirdo. One day, she meets a big machine that she names Machina and treats it as a friend. Her meeting Machina, as well as meeting a potential friend in a girl named Alisa, kicks off a series of events that bring to light dangerous secrets about herself and about her parents deaths. [tethysdust]

Author: MIYA Chihiro ,
Artist: MIYA Chihiro ,
Date of release: 2014

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Kikai Shikake no Meldina Chapter Lists

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