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Kaze no Yukue

Other Name: 未来の記憶 風の行方 ; 風の行方 ; Where the Wind Goes ; Future Lovers II

Plot Summary: Sequel to Memory of the Future (Mirai no Kioku)Kento is mild-mannered, straightforward and quite honestly, a bit boring. At 26 hes landed his first full-time position teaching at high school and does everything he can to make his grandparents, who took him in to raise after his parents tragic death, proud of him. Unfortunately Kento is gay... and they ~dont~ approve.Enter Akira, a ticking-time bomb with a perpetual evil smirk, a ridiculously flamboyant wardrobe and a tendency to hit on anything that moves. Akiras everything Kento isnt... including drop-dead gorgeous and mindbendingly annoying. Its almost a miracle that the two of them have been dating for over a year!!But after all that time, Akiras still keeping some secrets... secrets that arent going to reflect well on Kentoschoice in a partner. Would Kentos grandparents ever survive the shock of their son dating the child of a sex-worker and an alien? Or will they, as Akira puts it, "cough up their pacemakers"?! Does Kento ca

Author: Kunieda Saika
Artist: Kunieda Saika
Date of release: 2014

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