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Kanchigai Musume to Buchigire Ouji

Other Name: かんちがい娘とブチギレ王子; 會錯意與愛生氣; 误会少女与暴烈王子; Mistaken Girl & Angry Prince; Misunderstand Girl & Angry Prince; Sotsugyou Koi Kaze

Plot Summary: 1) Kanchigai Musume to Buchigire OujiKouga-kun is always looking at me, I think he likes me… Full of self confidence Keiko confesses her feelings to him. And as a result she had misunderstood and had a honorable defeat! After finding out that Kouga has someone else that he likes, she begins to give her support for him, but somehow her heart is full of pain. And then, Kouga can’t let that Keiko alone. The love of these two are full of misunderstandings, what will happen between these two!?2) Haru Fuwari Koi HirariOne day, Asumis heart gets broken when her crust gets a girlfriend and she cant stop crying in class. But her tears are hidden by a guy name Yukiya and protects her from letting others see her cry. She then starts feeling for him and when a new semester starts, she finds him again and confesses right on the spot. He doesnt say yes, but gives her 3 days to kiss him. And if she does, hell make her his girlfriend. How will shy Asumi be able to kiss this hottie?3) Gyu

Author: Shiumi Saki ,
Artist: Shiumi Saki ,
Date of release: 2014

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Kanchigai Musume to Buchigire Ouji Chapter Lists

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