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Kamikaze Girls

Other Name: しもつまものがたり ; 下妻物語 ; Divine Girls ; Himotsuma Monogatari ; Kamikaze Girls

Plot Summary: From Viz:Momoko is a "Lolita" stranded in the boondocks of rural Ibaraki prefecture, although shed much rather be living in the Palace of Versailles. Ichigo is an impulsive member of a girls-only biker gang who firmly believes in honor, loyalty, and fist fighting. Together this unlikeliest of duos strikes out on a journey to find a legendary embroiderer who might just be able to make their dreams come true.Also in this series are two original stories by Yukio Kanesada, Koyubi-hime and its sequel, Nakayubi-hime.Ririka is a typical high school student except for the fact that she hates being treated like a child. In order to become a women, she is determined to fall in love with an older, more mature man. One day she meets a handsome business man by the name of Kashiwagi in her mothers jewelry store. Ririka is attracted by his calm and refined demeanor, but he appears to have a ring on his left ring finger...Based on a 2002 light novel by TAKEMOTO Novala, which was also ada

Author: Takemoto Nabara ; Kanesada Yukio
Artist: Takemoto Nabara ; Kanesada Yukio
Date of release: 2014

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