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Kami-sama no Tsukurikata

Other Name: 神さまのつくりかた; How to Make a God; HTMG; Kami-sama no Tsukurikata

Plot Summary: Koharu is in training to become a warrior goddess, but lately shes been restless. Being raised in a Goddess Palace means shes never seen men before, and like most 15-year-old girls, she has a keen interest in them. After finally escaping to the outside world, her superiors agree to let her stay there under supervision. But a showdown with Yusemi, the evil force that Koharu is destined to face, looms.

Author: TAKADA Shinichirou ,
Artist: TAKADA Shinichirou ,
Date of release: 2014

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Kami-sama no Tsukurikata Chapter Lists

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