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Other Name: 院内感染 ; Innai Kansen ; Nosocomial Infection

Plot Summary: Summary from Fantasyshrine:Chapter 1-3)A brilliant surgeon originally from a university hospital, Sawamura Iori, and a married physician, Yagi Tomoya are having an infamous affair!! They conduct their taboo affair in a hospital room where a comatose boy has been lying for the past 5 years. One night, Tomoya was rushed to the ER due to a car accident... Is it really an accident or a suicide attempt…? Can Iori save his lover…? Suddenly the comatose boy miraculously awakens—… This story intertwines all three men and their struggles for a new beginning…4-5) I Cant Pray For Your Happiness6) I Cant Pray For Your Happiness ~ Extra I Have7) ResidencePrequel to " Shujii " "Oyasumi Darling"

Author: Sadahiro Mika
Artist: Sadahiro Mika
Date of release: 2014

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