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High Speed!

Other Name: High☆Speed!

Plot Summary: Nanase Haruka is a sixth-grade elementary school student who loves connecting with the water and feeling the water as he swims, and he attends a local swim club together with his childhood best friend Tachibana Makoto and Hazuki Nagisa, one year younger than the both of them. Then, one winter�s day as graduation draws near, Matsuoka Rin transfers into Haruka and the others� school from another swim club. Through swimming, Haruka strengthens his bonds with Makoto and Nagisa, as well as with Rin�at which point Rin, with his passion for the medley relay, suggests they form a team together and enter a tournament.This is the novel that the anime Free! is based on in manga form at last! (September Scans)

Author: OOJI Kouji, Teshirogi Shiori
Artist: OOJI Kouji, Teshirogi Shiori
Date of release: 2015

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