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First Love (Aruko)

Other Name: 恋ストーリー ; Koi Story ; Love Story

Plot Summary: One day, Haruka got confessed by a guy. That guy is none other than Konno, the one who bullies her around when they were kids, and now hes telling her that he liked her since the first time they met. She thought it was unexpected but after proving that Konno was indeed serious, she decided to agree going out with him... for the purpose of cruely and mercilessly dumping him in the end. But as she spends time with him, the more she cant understand her feelings...A one-shot story from Aruko.From Baka-Updates:Haruka Mizuta is shocked when she gets confessed to by Naoto Konno a month after entering high school. He used to bully her in the second grade, but it seems he doesnt remember?!

Author: Aruko
Artist: Aruko
Date of release: 2014

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First Love (Aruko) Chapter Lists

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