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Elf o Karu Monotachi

Other Name: エルフを狩るモノたち; 妖精狩猎者; Ceux qui chassent des elfes; Elf wo Karu Monotachi; Those Who Hunt Elves

Plot Summary: Junpei, a thick-headed martial artist. Ritsuko, tomboy and gun Otaku. Airi, award winning actress. These three are transported from their homes in Japan to a High Fantasy parallel world. Enlisting the aid of the most powerful elven sorceress in the land, they try— and fail —to cast a spell that will return them home. The result? The spell is made manifest as fragments on the bodies of five elven women throughout the land. To return home, they have to collect the fragments of the spell and join them into a working spell.The catch? They don't know precisely which elves have fragments of the spell on them. The solution? Find every elf woman in the land and take off their clothes.

Author: Yagami Yu
Artist: Yagami Yu
Date of release: 2015

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