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Docchi ni Suru?

Other Name: None

Plot Summary: You’re asking what we’re deciding? —Of course who’s gonna put it in first. The super normal university student, Hiroo Eiji has a problem. That is, he can’t become popular because he always has two extremely handsome but forceful childhood friends, Haruki and Ikumi, besides him. However, when he received the first love letter in his life, he got confessions from both of them saying, “You can’t go out with a girl. I’ve been in love with you all this time…” and then they set him up and do super perverted stuffs with him…?! The popular life of a normal and suffering boy who’s being doted on by his two childhood friends❤ Plus, there’s also “Shut up and let me eat you.”, a story between a super herbivore subordinate puppy×super carnivore + seme-like senpai. Extra and drawings are also included♪

Author: Aiba Kyoko
Artist: Aiba Kyoko
Date of release: 2016

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