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Diamond Head

Other Name: ダイアモンド・ヘッド; 钻石侦探庭; Bộ tứ kim cương; Daiamondo Heddo

Plot Summary: hihashi Nanao is an incredibly bright girl and the first to ever transfer into Mehabia Catholic School. The one God here, though, is the "Judicature Club," a school-sanctioned means of resolving student disputes. Its president and judge is the first person Nanao meets--Hanegi Raika, a handsome boy who looks like a girl. This highly selective club wants Nanao as a member, but while she may be unwilling to judge others, she may have no choice when she herself is judged.

Author: Mizushiro Setona ,
Artist: Mizushiro Setona ,
Date of release: 2014

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