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Cold - Zettaireido no Koibitotachi

Other Name: Cold ; Cold ~ Zettaireido no Koibito tachi ; Cold ~ Zettaireido no Koibito-tachi ; COLD~絶対零度の恋人たち ; Zettaireido no Koibitotachi ; COLD ~ Absolute Zero Lovers

Plot Summary: [from Fantasy Shrine:]Odagiri Yuki, a brilliant surgeon, is also known as the “Absolute Zero Angel” for his ice-cold aloofness with people, and his soulful compassion when he operates on patients. Haunted by a lover’s death, Yuki consoles himself with drugs and sex—… This piques both personal and professional interests in Mine, a neuropsychologist, who accepted Kuneida’s request to cure his friend’s coldness. What would it take to melt the “Absolute Zero Angel”?

Author: Hiiro Reiichi
Artist: Hiiro Reiichi
Genre: Yaoi
Date of release: 2014

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Cold - Zettaireido no Koibitotachi Chapter Lists

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