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AM 8:00 Kimi ga Suki

Other Name: AM8:00 Kimi ga Suki; AM8:00君が好き。; 8:00AM I Love You; 8:00AM I Like You; AM8:00我愛你; 8:00 Pagi, Aku Cinta Kau Lagi.; Eiemu Hachiji Kimi ga Suki

Plot Summary: Miwa Narumi is 15 years old, and becomes a long-awaited high school student this spring. Now she is in love!? His name is Sugiura, and he likes Doraemon and loquat-steamed-bread. She wont give up this love!!1) 08:00 AM I like you2) 3 Seconds Happiness3) Imprisoned Summerdays4) Broken pieces of a dream

Author: Ozaki Ira
Artist: Ozaki Ira
Date of release: 2014

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