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AKB49 - Renai Kinshi Jourei

Other Name: AKB49; AKB49 - 恋爱禁止条例; AKB49 - Renai Kinshi Jouretsu; AKB49 - The Rules Against Love

Plot Summary: This series is about a guy called Urakawa Minoru crossdressing as a girl to participate in a female idol group audition (akb48). The main objective is to help the girl he likes, Yoshinaga Hiroko, pass the audition. Yoshinaga Hirokos dream is to become like her favourite idol who is in the akb48 group. This audition happens to be her final try, so Minoru crossdresses as Minori and took part in the audition to make sure she realizes her dream. Hiroko got qualified eventually, however, the shocking news was Minoru was qualified as well. Thus, the road to becoming a female idol begins...

Author: Motoazabu Factory , MIYAJIMA Reiji ,
Artist: Motoazabu Factory , MIYAJIMA Reiji ,
Date of release: 2014

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AKB49 - Renai Kinshi Jourei Chapter Lists

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